Getting to Know Melinda Minette


 Melinda’s dad was her superhero. He saved an infant’s life who choked and turned blue. He brought home stray dogs and homeless people. He was friendly to all and funny. He taught her to put others ahead of herself. 

But all that changed when she was 14 years old.

Melinda came home from a party on Christmas Eve to find her dad laying on the floor. He was motionless. Her mom stood paralyzed between them. She could see the panic written all over her mom’s face. She knew something serious happened. 

She didn't see the phone until it was in her own hand. There was a nurse on the line. She was too far away to take charge but told her what to do. (No “Nurses on call”, WebMD and other quick resources were around back then.)

The nurse told her to listen for a heartbeat – but she heard nothing.  How 'bout breathing? Is his chest moving?” Nothing. 

Then the nurse did her best to talk Melinda through CPR. Melinda did what she was told calmly while her mom watched in tears. He died of a massive heart attack. 


That Christmas Day was the worse of Melinda’s life. Waiting for the coroner to take him away was torture. 

In New York City it takes a long time for such business. It was worse on Christmas Day. 

He was only 44. The victim of Type 2 diabetes, smoking, drinking and ignoring the warning signs.

The he change in her heart in mind started that same day. ​She was not a victim. She wouldn’t let those around her be victims either. 

Melinda chose to be a copywriter in the natural health and lifestyle field because she lives the healthy lifestyle she learns. Her copywriting services empower people to take control of their health. And she believes everyone should have a long life, full of memories